Essay On Radiology

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The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether someone appreciates it or not. "Excellence" is a drive from inside, not outside. It is not for someone to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency. This has been my mantra at all times which made me through. White walls, white sheets and everything so spic and span, with so many places to hide a 9 year old dream come true. This is how I grew up in Saudi Arabia, with my aunt being a doctor and the hospital just beside her home was my favorite place, where I observed the visiting patients. This is the place where I witnessed the admiration and respect for doctors in the society which triggered my puerile passion towards medicine. The ability with which a doctor heals a patient,…show more content…
It is exquisitely technical, yet also one of the most abstract fields in medicine. I have always enjoyed activities that integrate the use of inventive thinking with careful execution. I am drawn to the creativity of medical imaging, contrasting its concrete nature. Though the tangible features of each study are directly visible, I feel that I am able to maintain an open mindset to glean the most information possible. For me, being a radiologist is like being an imaginative interpreter, translating what patients cannot say in their own words, and discerning what they may not even know exists. It is this synergy of practicality and artistry that makes radiology a perfect specialty choice for me. The extraordinary ability of radiologists to touch the lives of an array of patients is another characteristic that I look forward to having in my career. I find it very compelling that the knowledge I will gain can be used to help a wide variety of people. Though I may not meet the little girl who broke her leg falling from the jungle gym or the elderly man whose life journey will succumb to cancer, it is the ability nonetheless to have an impact in the healthcare of so many different individuals that I find very appealing. Radiology is also a highly specialized field, yet it requires diligence and a desire for knowledge in many different areas of medicine. My research experience has allowed me to cultivate these crucial
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