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Bangladesh is an agriculture-based country where better parts of its total people are directly or indirectly connected wide range of agricultural activities. Rainfall is the most important natural catalyst that determines the agricultural production in Bangladesh. The productiveness of farmland as well as the firmness of land resources depends heavily upon the rainfall. The variability of rainfall and the extreme high or low precipitations are very important for the agricultural production as well as the economical growth of the country. It is well known that the rainfall is changing globally; and the regional scales due to global warming .The climate on earth primarily influenced by monsoon and also partly by pre-monsoon and post-monsoon and winter…show more content…
Rajshahi Division is one of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh. It has an area of 18,153.08 km2 and a population at the 2011 Census of 18,329,000 (, 2010). Rajshahi Division is in the Midwestern corner of Bangladesh. The famous Padma River borders Rajshahi Division on the south and another famous river, Jamuna River, bordered to the east part of Rajshahi Division. In the West, Rajshahi Division shares a border with India. Rajshahi Division consists of 8 districts, 70 Upazilas (the next lower administrative tier) and 1,092 Unions (the lowest administrative tier) and 1405 villages ( Rajshahi municipality was upgraded into City Corporation in 1991. This division is characterized by its cheap labour force. It has an excellent rail and road communication infrastructure. It takes about five hour road journey to communicate from the capital city Dhaka to Rajshahi. The major cities of this new division are Bogra, Ishurdi and Rajshahi. Rajshahi is famous for different kinds of mango production and for world famous silk industries. Map of Rajshahi division shown in figure

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