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A rainforest is called so because of the high amount of rainfall it receives during a year. As per the climate of the rainforest it is very hot and humid for which the formation of the rain through evaporation takes place intensely causing rainfall frequently. In it, the growth of the vegetation is densely populated with a number of tall trees and plants. Rainforest covers only six percent of the earth surface, but is found to contain more than half of the world’s plants and animal species. As it is extremely hot and humid, animals and plants got to adopt to such kind of climate.
The four layers of the rainforest are – Emergent layer, Canopy layer, Understory layer and Forest floor. Emergent layer is the tallest trees towering above all the vegetation below which could be 200 feet and above from the floor. Trees found in such area are of broad leaves and the woods are usually hard. Animals found in such towering trees are such as bats, butterflies, eagles and monkeys. Secondly, the Canopy layer is where the leaves that come to a point forming as the primary roof over the lower layers. Animals such as snakes, toucans and
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Forests are cut down for the purpose of lumbering affecting to the extinction of various plants and animals, because of which the eco-system is much disrupted. The clearance of the rainforests is to greatly affect the people as the produce of oxygen is sure to decrease. So also the change in the climate will affect the water cycle occurring in the nature. Not only of human being, but also the animals are being threatened to extinction. Some of the animals threatened to extinction are like boa constrictor, macaw, toucan, spider monkey, sloth, tree snail, morpho butterfly, poison-arrow frog, rhinoceros

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