Should Minimum Wage Be Raised

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Imagine you are alone to raise a child all by yourself. You are in debt you have to pick up a job but finding a job is hard. So you go to the first job your see a fast food worker. Of course this barely helps since you only get paid $7.25 per hour. You need more money; you need a living wage. This problem plagues people everywhere. there is a huge difference between living wage and minimum wage. The question is not should we raise minimum wages t’s when we will raise minimum wage. But some people believe that the minimum wage is fine. Obviously these people have probably never relied on $7.25.It is extremely important to raise minimum wage soon one reason is because while it might take out of the economy for awhile it will also get back in two it will raise people out poverty three $7.25 is no where near a living wage.
The first reason we need to raise the minimum wage is because a lot of people will benefit from it. Most people say that raising the minimum wage will just come back to bite us. But if we have enough places do it we will balance the economy out Another
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Unfortunately there are some people who believe that this won’t work they have some good points There really is no getting rid of poverty there is just raising the poverty line until soon middle class will be poverty While this is unfortunate it is true Some other good points people against raising the minimum wage is Most places cannot absorb a $15 Minimum wage If we lower it in places then maybe it will take it better Many of the people who work part time are just teannagers looking for some extra money But only 47% of adults have a full time job While only about 58% of adults were working thats still a lot of adults who are working part time How much would raising the minimum wage really help It will help people get out of poverty I’m not asking for a $15 a wage I am asking for a living wage All things considered It’s obvious that While the opposition has some good points the pros outway the
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