Male Rape Victims

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In the media you hear many stories about female victims of rape, but what about the male ones? More and more male rape victims are coming out and telling their story. This, however, does not change the major taboo surrounding males being raped. Many people still believe that rape towards males does not happen, simply because they believe women cannot be rapists, or that potentially straight males cannot commit rape towards males. This has lead to many debates both in real life as well as over the internet. The fact is that male rape victims exist and should be given the same treatment that female victims are given. They should not be told they are lying or that they should have enjoyed what has happened to them.
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The high taboo towards male rape victims, and validating their rapist are things that should not be happening in this modern day society. It shouldn’t matter your gender, age, race, or sexuality you should be able to receive help, and have resources accessible to you if you have gone through something such as sexual assault. You shouldn’t have to fear coming out and standing up against your rapist, you shouldn’t have to wonder if people will believe you if you try to talk about what happened. Males can be victims and deserve to at least be given so much as to be recognized as such if something that damaging and emotionally ruining event or events happens to them. More information and resources need to be widely available not only to those who were raped as males but everyone. Without it many will suffer in silence, bottling up what happened to them, turn to substance abuse to cope with mental health disorders. All of this may lead to the feeling of being trapped, hopeless, or alone. Leading them to an even worse state of mental health, which they may try to escape by suicidal thoughts or actions. Males suicide rates have been extremely high, in 2009, in Canada alone there were 2989 reported cases of male suicide. This is why resources to help males cope with things such as being victims of rape or sexual assault, as well as mental health issues they may be dealing with, is so important especially in this day and

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