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Raptors are birds of prey which hunt or feed on other animals and are on the top of the food chain. India holds a excellent diversity of raptors including 69 species of diurnal and 34 species of nocturnal raptors. In a total of these 103 species some are migratory and come through western Asian flyway, Central Asian flyway and East Asian flyway such as Eurasian griffon, Cinereous vultures, Steppe eagle and Amur falcon etc. Resident raptors are stays here throughout the year and breed in different parts of the Indian sub-continent. Role of raptors in a ecosystem is the control the population of rodents, snakes and other birds as well. Raptors like vultures are scavengers feed on dead carcass and keep the environment clean from many diseases.
During the past few decades population of raptors is facing serious threats in form of habitat destruction, degradation and hunting. Various types of raptor communities live in different kinds of habitat and are specific to their respective one. Thus destruction of any type of habitat exclusively affects a particular community of raptor. For example making dams on the rivers at many points creates a stretch of
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Peregrine falcon is a cosmopolitan among the falcons has a wide distribution along with the Osprey and Raven. Peregrine falcon is listed as least concern species in the red list of IUCN. This status has been given on the base of only European population assessment of the species. There is not much literature is available regarding the ecology of peregrine falcon in India. However there are 17 to 19 known races of the species found across the globe but only three of them found in India, those are Falco peregrinus calidus, F.p. babylonicus and F.p. peregrinator. The first both races are migratory in India while last F.p. peregrinator is residence race which inhibit in India throughout the
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