Essay On Ratifying The New Constitution

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Claim: Ratify the New Constitution Introduction- “If we approve the new Constitution, our federal government will be strong enough to preserve our freedom, promote our trade and protect our property”,and this is right. This is one of our important things, is our trade, property and mostly our freedom. Speaking of trades and taxes many states tax each other’s product, and this makes America a separate nation. But the new Constitution can make all the states become a united nation and not be a separate nation because the new constitution fixes this by forbidding states to tax and imports and giving the federal government the sole power to regulate trade that crosses state lines. In addition, the new Constitution balances the power of every branches of the government(legislature, judicial, executive), but under the Articles of Confederation the legislature branch takes all the power or all- powerful; and that does not make the nation become unite. Now, we must ratify our new Constitution for the good of our nation to be unite. First, in order for us to be united is to ratify the new Constitution and of the new Constitution the federal will be strong to preserve our freedom, promote our trade and protect our property; that 's something that our people and our nation really needs. But in order for us to preserve our freedom we …show more content…

Why is the new Constitution is doing this, because the under the Articles of Confederation,states regulate their own trade and other states tax one another’s products and looks seems like this is a separate nation; and the free flow of goods from one state to another is necessary for America to progress. So this why the new Constitution should be ratified and so this problem could be fixed and change to make us our nation a better

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