Essay On Raw Food Diet

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You never know what people put in their body, or the food groups they choose to eat. An individual's diet is often affected by a variety of factors. Dieters in the United States numbered more than 108 million people. The word "diet" simply refers to the kind of food you eat, the synonym of this word is "nourishment." Many Americans claim to watch what they eat to try to improve their eating habits. Some people even look for the "quick fix" to help produce weight loss, but there simply isn't one. A healthy lifestyle is never about perfection its simply about practice. Dieting is certainly not a bad thing, in fact there is a diet out there for almost everyone.

Hearing the words "raw food" might make you think of vegetables, food that isn't filling or that has no
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Welcome to the raw food diet, the goal of eating raw foods is to obtain nutrients in an easy to digest manner. The human body is naturally suited for a raw food diet. Making sure you consume raw veggies and fruits every day is important for just about everyone. In addition to raw fruits and veggies you may also consume fish, nuts,…show more content…
Well this diet is known as the caveman diet. The saying is " If a caveman didn’t eat it nor should you." When you are following the paleo diet you can eat anything that they would hunt or gather way back in the day. The paleo diet does not consist of counting a single calorie it even allows you to eat until you're full and happy. It will help you lose weight but at the same time create muscle mass and get you into the shape you desire. When we over consume grains regularly, which are composed of carbohydrates those carbs get turned into sugar. The sugar is either burned as energy or stored as fat. What should you eat during the paleo diet? Fruits, veggies, fish and oil from fruits and nuts. What should you avoid? Grains, refined sugar, salt and potatoes. The paleo diet also emphasizes drinking only water and staying
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