Essay On Reaching A Consensus

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship.-Michael Jordan.Teamwork has always been a debatable topic.There are people who consider working in a team or reaching a consensus is a favorable idea and some who are against reaching a consensus.Although some people conceive that reaching a consensus is a marvelous idea, there are times when it's better to let the experts handle the situation.Reaching a consensus is not always a superb idea because there are times when it's better to disagree.The final result will not always fit everyone’s liking.There can be a lack of trust among the group members. Finally there can be situations in where only experts about the topic should be able to decide.

Firstly, reaching a consensus
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This clearly shows how sometimes reaching a consensus is not the a great idea because there can be trust issues in the group or simply discomfort working with them.Another exemplification of how consensus making is not always a excellent idea is shown in the article “How to Reach a Consensus” where it states “Decide how your group will reach a final decision.(Some groups insist on unanimity; others accept a consensus with one or two dissenting voices)” What if there's a lack of trust between the people.How will they reach a consensus if they do not trust each other or feel comfortable with them.This shows how there can be flaws when reaching a consensus and how lack of trust can be a deal breaker when reaching a consensus.In other words reaching a consensus is not always possible because there can ble flaws or simply there can be a situation where it is impossible to reach a
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