Essay On Reading Comprehension

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Chapter 1

Reading is a barricade against ignorance and prejudices. Many specialists (Thompson, Otaiba, Yen, Yang, Braun, and O’Connor, 2012) claimed that reading is essential and plays a vital role in classroom learning, a tool to academic pursuits. Similarly, comprehension is a major purpose of reading for without it, the entire process of reading is ineffective (Wong, 2012). In short, comprehension plays the most essential part in reading; hence, many students fail in school because of comprehension difficulties.
The English language is one of the leading languages in the world. It opens the door to opportunities and unlocks the key to globalization. Teaching and learning English have as much to do with improving
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31 s.2012, the K to 12 program’s goal is “Functional Literacy for all Filipinos”. Likewise, DepEd NCR launched a program, “National Capital Region: Championing Reading” with a banner “NCR to SOAR”, which is designed to address the problem of non-readers and low academic performance of both students and teachers in the classroom. It aims to rekindle the love of teachers and students to reading and improve academic proficiency. The objectives of this program are specifically to enhance the English language proficiency of mentors through pleasurable reading experiences; to create a rich reading environment in the schools in general; and to improve the general academic performances of the students (DepEd Memorandum dated October 22, 2012). This program is a good step for developing pool of readers in the classroom thereby enhancing their reading and comprehension skills.
Moreover, the Department of Education, School Principals, and teachers have been working on the exceptional interest in the reading quality of pupils in the elementary and high school. This is to specifically address the continuous loss of interest among students in reading that have become the major issue of teachers especially in learning the English
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