Head Start Program Analysis

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1. Introduction. This is a program designed to give an early reading capability and advantage for children between the ages of 1 to 9 years. This is where the program acquired its name. It is intended to make the children reach the level of their peers or perform better than them. What is the origin of Reading Head Start? The program was initiated by Sarah Shepard who has taught English for 14 years apart from being a wife as well as having three children. The main motivation that made her start the program was a time when her son who was 6 years then brought home an English grade that was not impressive. Given that she teaches English, the situation did not impress her. As a result, she realized that the main problem was how English was being taught to children. This is what eventually…show more content…
This is very beneficial to children as well as their parents who want the kids to be involved in constructive learning activities. However, it is important to note that the kids are not only involved in fun and games. Exercises, videos, and workbooks are also involved. Nevertheless, this may still be an advantage to children who want a change in routine or those who understand better when they learn in a different way. For audio learners, the videos that are availed to them enables them to hear sounds. Books are there for the visual learners while workbooks make learning easy for the kinetic learners. The video games, which are interactive, are suitable for all the types of learners. This makes it advantageous to families that have may kids and prefer more than one learning style. Moreover, it can also enable you to figure out the learning mode that suits your child so that you concentrate on it. On the economic front, you are billed on a monthly basis after the period for free trial elapses. You can, therefore, opt out of the program once your child acquires the skill they needed in the first
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