Essay On Reading Techniques

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3.1.1. Reading Techniques

Whenever engaging in reading for different reasons (academic or professional), readers are rely on a number of reading techniques that ease the reading process and permit them achieve their reading purposes rapidly. Readers can read for quick understanding of a text, look for specific, important information, entertain themselves, or simply read for general comprehension of the text. These different ways of the aforementioned skill can be used discretely or together. Skimming As with the first reading technique, skimming refers to reading quickly and selectively, wherein the reader moves his/her eyes rapidly over the text to approach its general meaning, without reading all the words in it. Readers often seek out this technique in order to discover the main idea of the text, how the text is organized so that to decide to read it or not. Thereupon, “skimming is … a more thorough activity which requires an overview of the text and implies a definite reading competence” (Grellet, 1981, p.19). To
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To put it another way, to read extensively signifies reading extended texts for long periods of time, whereby the focus of attention is the meaning of the text, relative to learning the language features of it. This is why extensive reading is basically incidental learning. Virtually, reading is a significant and an everlasting source of learning. Through reading, learners can learn new vocabulary and grammatical features. Enjoyment can be the outcome of reading. By reading, they can also gain knowledge of the world that could increase the likelihood of personal enjoyment. In view of that, extensive reading is fundamental to fluent reading. The latter enhances as well as sustains motivation for reading, vocabulary growth, language, literacy skills (e.g., spelling, grammar, and writing), and conceptual-knowledge
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