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Rear End truck Accidents Read end truck accidents are well known to cause serious injuries, and sometimes death. They are called so because they involve the collision between a vehicle and the back end of the truck, and vice-versa. Whichever is the case though, the impact is always followed by rails of damaged property, and excruciating pain - in total loss of life or life-altering injuries. That is why it is very important that all damages and loss be paid for by the accident-causing parties. Trucks and truck driving can be a chain of distribution and hence pose a challenge when adjudicating the guilty party. However, with experience and dedicated hands from the Weaver Truck Accident Law Firm, we sift through the chain, and find the culpable parties, and demand full compensation from them. We do this because we know how devastating a loss resulting from rear end truck accident; whether…show more content…
Rear end truck accidents occur due to many reasons, and they include the following: • Back lights: Driving without proper lights are one of the reason rear end truck accidents can occur. When either of the vehicles don't have proper rear lights, it is often difficult to know if there is a car ahead of you especially in periods of low visibility. Also, if the brake lights on a vehicle stop working, then the vehicle behind will not know when the brakes are applied. It is important to keep all light functioning properly well. • Not minding the gap: there is a minimum amount of space needed between two vehicles for the vehicle behind to brake without hitting the vehicle ahead. This distance increases as the size of the vehicle behind increases. This can seriously influence how quickly the brakes are applied; if there's enough space, the driver can afford to apply the brakes gradually, but if it's too close to the vehicle, it either hits the vehicle in front, or its sudden halts means there's a chance of a rear end accident with onrushing

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