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Similarities Between Rebecca Nurse and I “Why it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself? I cannot.” Rebecca Nurse stated in act IV of The Crucible. Rebecca was a woman of the truth. She refused to falsely state that she was a witch, even if it would save her life. She did it out morality. Mrs. Nurse was a religious, willing, honest, woman in which I resemble.
To begin, Rebecca was a woman of strong, courageous faith. As am I. I attend Salem Lutheran Church in Delmont. Where I listen to Pastor Kara, sing, and read the Bible just about every Sunday. Rebecca was a puritan woman who practiced her religion widely and freely and was always seen with a Bible. She wasn't afraid to show off her religion and was proud of it. Being a Christian as well, I am proud to worship and display the what I believe is the truth. For example, when a girl one day questioned my religion in school and made fun of me for it, I stuck up for myself rather than let myself, my morals, and my God down.
Secondly, Mrs. Nurse and I are both compassionate and
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Rebecca Nurse and I is that we are both honest and women. Growing up, honestly was a huge requirement in my family and home. We were always supposed to tell be completely truthful. Even when my sister and I would stay up later than our bedtime when we were really younger. Our mother heard us, and rather than fake sleep like we had agreed to do if we were caught, we fessed up and were honest with her. As was Rebecca when the court asked her if she was a witch, and accused her of witchcraft. She would not tell a lie just to save her life. She was a woman of her word and her promises. My honesty resembles Rebecca’s during the time when I was called into the office to report my knowledge on who was stealing at school. I was completely honest and even though the boy who stole told everyone in my class not to tell a soul, I released the information. Honesty is very important to Rebecca and
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