Essay On Recess In Elementary School

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In class today, two groups spoke concerning the topic of Recess in elementary schools. The first group was the News group and we interviewed 30 individuals to understand different viewpoints and aspects of each individual as to what they felt was beneficial to childhood recess and activity. Every person that was interviewed had recess or a form of organized play during the school day which is a clear sign that activity is regularly seen throughout the community and back in the early 2000’s. One question was asked to our group that was about the stationary bicycles or effective activity chairs during class. This seemed to be an interesting topic for many people because constant or regular activity throughout the day seemed to grab the attention and curiosity of…show more content…
The closer families live to parks and playgrounds the greater overall exercise they got. With shorter travel time, the more time spent outside. As of 2005, policy 312 was passed to garauntee 60 minutes per week of physical education or exercise programs for schools. One problem with this policy is that schools do not have to have equipment to facilitate exercise. It was found that 6-13% of the vigorous activity that kids need is met through school recess/ physical education program. Afterschool supervised school yard play increased outdoor activity by 84% in inner-city children. To help children get proper exercise at playgrounds and parks, these facilities should contain a variety of equipment that are in working order. Oklahoma, however, does not need to assess their play facilities to see if they are in working order. One thing that the community can do to help children get physical activity is to donate play equipment that they do not use. Also, neighborhoods could implement safe walk programs so keeps can feel comfortable walking or biking to
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