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breeding-recordkeeping Record Keeping is essential for your flock, whether you own one bird, 20 birds, or 200 birds. It may sound like a boring, mundane task, however, next to cleanliness, record keeping can be the most important thing that you can do for your aviary.There are many different types and ways to keep records and every person has their own ideas as to what is important. The funny thing is that no matter what you decide to track you always end up needing something else. I've spent the last couple of months talking to various people to get their spin on record keeping, because I know that although my way works well for me, it is not the only way and it might not be the best way. The following paragraphs will share some examples of what to keep records on and why. At the end, I will give you a couple of sample sheets that you may feel free to copy and use if they look like they would suit your purposes. The most important message here is that you need to be responsible and keep records for your birds. They do not have anyone but you to rely upon and take care of them; we owe it to our birds to do…show more content…
Even if you have no plans to breed your bird and your bird is a much-loved pet, a pedigree can provide useful information. 1) The most important information on the pedigree is your bird's band number. If your bird is banded with a closed band, you can use that number to track and locate the breeder if you should have questions about your bird. Another need for the band number is identification. If your bird should escape and is found, it can be traced back to you through the band number if good records are kept. If in the future you decide you want another bird, you may reference your pedigree and contact one of the breeders for help in finding a suitable mate or new family
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