Special Olympics Personal Statement

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My passion for wanting to help those with disabilities and illness all started in high school when I started to work with the Special Ed program and help volunteer with the Special Olympics. I loved watching those kids laugh, smile, and have an amazing time. When I applied and got accepted into UNCW I started to look at the majors because I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That’s when I came across Recreation Therapy and when I started reading into it I became very interested the field because it sounded exactly like something I would love to do. In my high school career, I helped out with the special education program by taking them to NC State Fair, to the Special Olympics, and around Christmas time we took them to the mall so they can shop for their family. At the State Fair we would walk around, play games, eat food, and if they were able, ride some rides. At the Special Olympics there were schools from all over and it was so much fun watching the kids have such a great time. What we did was we would walk with our buddy to an event they seemed interested in and wanted to do. I remember one of the events was to see how far they could jump. My buddy was so excited to this event that he tried his hardest…show more content…
Which is a lot like how Victory Junction is for those kids of all ages. Recreation Therapy is not just about rehabilitating a physical disability, but also emotionally which was another aspect I noticed Victory Junction has while I was volunteering. A Recreational Therapists are supposed to be able to plan a treatment for a person based on their interests and abilities. I personally would love to be able to work out goals or plan something fun for a child or an older adult to do in order to help them rehabilitate in the best way they
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