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Recreation is an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time. The "need to do something for recreation" is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be "fun".
Humans spend their time in activities of daily living, work, sleep, social duties, and leisure, the latter time being free from prior commitments to physiologic or social needs, a prerequisite of recreation. Leisure has increased with increased longevity and, for many, with decreased hours spent for physical and economic survival, yet others argue that time pressure has increased for modern people, as they are committed to too many tasks. Other factors that
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It is an excellent medicine for ailments which cannot be cured by any other manner. It is a natural way to stay fit and healthy in life.
4) Social Benefits- It helps you meet like-minded people and develop a favourable rapport. People who share common interest make a joyful group that helps each other to promote themselves. Importance of recreation gets reflected in the status you build for yourself.
5) Refresh the Senses- Feeling dumb? Recreation is the important and best activity to refresh your senses and prepare you for the next battle. It rejuvenates your senses and makes you feel light again.
6) Refills the Energy- Recreation activities are best mechanism to refill your energy and make you feel alive again. It is best way to charge you up when you feel exhausted and drained out.
7) Quality of Life- Recreational activities help you build self-esteem and confidence. It helps you enhance the quality of life by building a positive self-image.
8) Effective Time Utilization- When your body is at the best of its form both in terms of health and energy, recreational activities helps you utilize your time effectively. The effort you put in a certain task is way below what you could have possibly put without any recreational

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