Essay On Recruitment And Selection

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Recruitment and selection are very important in public sector since it can help to maintain the quality and quantity of civil servants. It can also provide a fair and equitable stage for everyone to compete and join. Recruitment and selection are aim to discover and hire the skilled, talented and the suitable one. Getting the right person to do the right position is very important in public sector or in every business. Imagine, A and B are both applying for the same position, they have their own characteristics, skills and talents. It is hard for us to distinguish who is better but by using recruitment and selection, we may be able to find the one who suits the position more. Besides recruitment and selection, the hiring process also includes…show more content…
Comparing to the centralized one, the decentralized one is costlier and more difficult to manage but the decentralized recruitment and selection can help to prevent the overlap and delay on time, it can help to increase the flexibility. Third, the electronic model, through the web based model, it is more easy for people to notice and be aware of the updated information, for example, what is the vacancy of position, what is the hiring requirement or what is the qualification of hiring. Forth, outsourcing, it is a type of recruitment and selection that likely to hire the temporary employees. Outsourcing tends to be more common and general. According to the澳門公務員的招聘與晉升, through 入職中央開考流程, there are 13 steps in recruitment and selection. Step 1, each department should submit a list that about how many people that they are going to hire and the position that will be hiring. The list should be including the data like job description, special request or qualification etc. Step 2, according to the need of each department, 行政公職局 will start to prepare the examination and hold up meeting about the examination. The preparation of the examination is about setting up the questions, requirement of the examination, time, date and location of the examination etc.
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