Essay On Recycling

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Recycling has become a very controversial issue all over the world for many different cultures. America has been arguing for decades on how to properly recycle materials and how to dispose of materials appropriately. Today, the amount of trash in landfills that could be recycled is ridiculous and very unhealthy for both adults and children. There are so many landfills around the United States, that many have been grassed over and made into parks for the future children in our community to play on. If we do not start becoming more conscious of our waste, American citizens are going to be living among trash. The amount of waste in landfills could be dramatically reduced if a few small steps were taken to help America become “green”. America is already fully aware of how to recycle and the importance of being green but not enough people take the time to separate their waste from their recyclable materials. According to the dictionary of environmental science and technology “we cannot bypass the conservation laws of mass or energy and in a world of increasing material scarcity it is important to make the best use of all resources” (“Recycling”). It is crucial that America realizes the scarcity in many materials that we use in our everyday lives. If changes aren’t made, these…show more content…
Their monthly trash bill should include required payment for both trash and recycling. If citizens have to pay for recycling pick-up, they are more likely to split up their recyclable materials from their waste. The other way to help keep America green is to require schools to have recycle bins next to all the trash cans in the schools. Students are less likely to throw away a plastic bottle if a blue recycle can is right next to the trash can, creating less work for the students. Paying for recycling and assessable bins are two easy methods to grow into a conscientious
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