Desert Spirituality Research Paper

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1Desert spirituality
Desert spirituality is a way of seeking God that is characterized by the "desert theology" of the Old Testament that is at the very heart of the Judeo-Christian tradition, namely God keeping his People wandering for 40 years in the desert and also throughout the subsequent centuries repeatedly calling them into the desert, as a testing ground where they may experience a change of heart and, by proving themselves obedient to his ordering of human living, accept him, their Creator, again as their Lord.
Monastic orders
1.3.2 Benedictine spirituality Benedictine spirituality is characterized by striving towards Christian perfection in community, liturgical prayer, and separation from worldly concerns. St. Benedict(480-550)
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They hold the belief that there is always a great encounter with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, hence Saint Alphonsus wrote the Visit to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. He also wrote the popular Way of the Cross, and composed Christmas carols. The Redemptorist spirituality is a practical one, render help to the abandoned both spiritual and material.
1.3.8 Servite spirituality
The spirituality of the Servite order is focused on contemplating Mary at the foot of the cross as a model for Christian life, and service to the suffering. Moreover, because the order has Seven Holy Founders, rather than one individual founder, there is a particular emphasis on the communal aspect of Christian life. This spirituality finds expression particularly in the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows.
1.3.9 Montfortian spirituality
God Alone was the motto of Saint Louis de Montfort and is repeated over 150 times in his writings. God Alone is also the title of his collected writings. Briefly speaking, based on his writings, Montfortian spirituality can be summed up via the formula: "To God Alone, by Christ Wisdom, in the Spirit, in communion with Mary, for the reign of
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