Essay On Reflective Practice

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. REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IN NURSING Reflective practice is used in nursing to improve practice. This is done through a self-examination of work done in the past .consciously analysing the decisions taken in the course of one’s practice. It also involves an analysis of the individuals thought processes during and after the clinical event. Relating them to theories and concepts with a view to modifying decisions, behaviour, learning needs, treatments and actions in the future. Reflective practice can be done individually or as a group. When done in groups it makes it easier for all members to discuss and solve the problems which they face at also foster unity and collaboration amongst staff. Reflective practice is done by individuals taking time to write down experiences which could be focused on certain patient population or type of treatment. This helps in giving written evidence of what is reflected on which can be shared with others. There are different method of doing this: keeping a diary, peer review and clinical supervision. These records are kept over time and can be reviewed by more experienced people in that field. The most important is the sharing of…show more content…
When we learn in schools or anywhere we are not just memorising the facts but having an internal dialogue with us and relating it to reality. That is why only things that are important to an individual or group is reflected upon. Reflective practice is important in the development of education especially clinical expertise. It helps nursing professionals have autonomy and critical thinking. It is not a static process rather it is a cyclical process which makes it an appropriate approach to use in nursing for example using the framework of Gibbs which has 6 components .they are : Description - what happened? Feelings - what were you thinking and
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