Essay On Reflective Reflection

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In this report I will reflect on how the module content of theories, strategies and skills to help me to understand myself better also give examples of reflections from my journal and how they will inform my future work role within an educational context. Moreover, I will choose some activities, experiences and reflections which demonstrate your developing knowledge and interpersonal skills.

The importance of trust in supportive relationships

Trust are safety and comfort. Trust is feeling that someone has your back. Trust is an environment where individuals can be our best selves.

Due to my parents divorced when I was eleven years old and they usually had argued before divorced. It made me felt very stress and lack of self-esteem so I changed to be very quiet and afraid talking with others about my family situation because I could not trust anyone anymore. Also at that time, my mother are very busy because she needed to take care of me and two younger sisters. In addition, the weak relationship of teachers made me were not willing to share my feeling to teachers. As a result, because of parents divorced those potential negative influences me preform bad at school. The academic result was very bad and could not form effective relationships with classmates and teachers in primary school. But on the hand, the attachments between mother became stronger it made me feel emotional security and happiness, reaction to later stress and social relationships. These
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