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Refugees are people who have resulted to leave their nation so as to escape persecution natural disaster or war. They go to other countries where they are assured of their safety and peace. However, the refugees are also faced with a lot of challenges in the countries that they migrate to. They leave a place they have known and escape to completely new environments with their own set of problems. The refugees escape the hostile situations in their nation but that does not mean they will be completely fine. Women are very vulnerable and are likely to be more affected psychologically in their new environment. Refugee women are a group of interest in understanding the psychological needs of vulnerable female populations. The group is made up of…show more content…
The ordeal of being raped often makes the women to be bitter with their offenders and that affect them psychologically for many years. They take time to accept what happened to them and that makes it difficult for them to move on. Leaving with the memories of being sexually assaulted makes the mental capacity of the women to deteriorate. The physical injuries inflicted on them also affect their mental health since they have to live with the scars inflicted on them. The scars are often a painful remainder of what they passed through in the…show more content…
Leaving in denial of their mental illnesses makes it difficult for caregivers to provide them with the necessary care. Others, refuse treatment since their culture do not allows it and that may affect the effectiveness of the culturally competent caregivers. Language barrier is also an issue since some of the refugees cannot express themselves in English. That brings a challenge to the healthcare providers since they cannot understand what the refugees are saying. Some of the refugee women have negative attitude towards the healthcare being provided. That makes it the healthcare given to be ineffective despite the efforts of the culturally competent

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