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The registration of birth is a fundamental rights that every child should get from the moment of their birth. Every children have their right to get protection for growing in a safe and comfortable environment. A child who is not registered at birth will having risk exposed in danger of being denied the right to an official identity, a recognised name and a nationality. A birth certificate is a child’s passport to get protection. Birth registration is the state’s official record of a child’s birth and a government first acknowledgement of a child’s existence. This is a procedure for ensuring that a child fulfill the requirement to get protection as a Malaysia citizen. In Malaysia, National Registration Department (NRD) is the authority…show more content…
Getting an education seems applicable to every children but in the lack of birth certificate to prove them as a citizen, children might getting hardship for having education. Instead of getting education in government school, they have to go to private school where cost an arm and a leg for non effortless parents. In another word, a birth certificate is also important to ensure a child enrol in school at the right age. Majority children would start their pre-school education at the age of 3 , entering kindergarten for 2 years and start their primary school education at 7 years old. In Malaysia, every children are obligate to get education. Birth registration would lead impact to fundamental right to education of children. Kids without a birth certificate, will being refused to be accept in a school. Birth certificate is an important evidence to prove that a child is permitted to attend primary school. Futhermore, school authority also required to get children birth certificate to proceed and enable student to sit UPSR and thus to receive relevant academic qualifications or to progess secondary school. Kids who recognize as citizen would benefits ro access educational scholarships, free textbooks and uniform that provided by

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