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1. I believe in reincarnation. Ultimate goal of a Buddhist is to get enlightenment which we call it Nirvana and liberate one from suffering and endless reincarnation. We also have beliefs and they are The Three Jewels, Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold Path and Five Precepts. 2. I have lived in Taulihawa which is now known as Kapilavastu in Nepal. It is a municipality and administrative centre. It is 25 kilometres away from my place of birth. 3. The beliefs are essentials to each Buddhist; these essentials assist us to achieve Nirvana and teachings guide and enlighten our paths. 4. The Buddhist teaching of the law of karma offers people a just, incorruptible foundation and reason for a living a moral life. Teachings and practices bring about qualities of gentle kindness, wisdom and unshakeable serenity. This is sorely needed…show more content…
The Dharma is the way the Buddha taught to live your life. The Sangha is the group of monks and other people who meet together, like a congregation. Buddhists say "I take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha." This means that these three things keep them safe. They give themselves up to the community and teachings inspired by the Buddha Four Noble Truths 1. Life often—in fact almost always—involves suffering. This may sound obvious, but it is said so as to emphasize that this is the key thing Buddhism is interested in. 2. The reason for this suffering is that we want things we cannot or do not have. Or, more important, we become attached to those things. For example; if you would like an ice cream, that "want" is not a source of suffering. Becoming attached to that want is suffering. 3. The way to cure suffering is to stop the wanting. Of course, many could argue that a better way would simply be to go get the thing you want. The Buddhist response is that we can never get everything we want, partly because the more we have, the more we

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