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Reinforced concrete may be the most important material available for construction. It is used in one form or another for almost all structures, great or small—buildings, bridges, pavements, dams, retaining walls, tunnels, drainage and irrigation facilities, tanks, and so on. Corbel is one of them element contains reinforced concrete used as economical; Corbel is a short structural element that cantilevers out from the column and the wall to support load generally, the corbel is cast monolithically with column or wall. Corbel projecting from the of reinforced columns is used extensively in precast concrete construction to support primary beams. A corbel is keyed into the structure. It is built into the structure, or in some way pinned or secured to the structure.
On the other end, it projects out and supports a load. In residential architecture, this is usually the eve of a roof. Corbelling can be a very useful tool for an architect or builder. If you are supporting something very heavy, corbelling can allow you to provide extra support where it is needed while keeping the basic structure relatively light (fig1) The shear span should be ratio of the corbel is equal to or less than 1 ( )

Fig1.1 Ordinary contraction site (Saudi Arabia) 1.2 Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
Alkali resistant glass fiber reinforced concrete is by
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Use of glass fiber in reinforced concrete supply appreciable advantage. Earlier researchers with related corbel have achieved reinforced concrete in order that reinforced concrete, which contains only glass fiber as subordinate reinforcement have approximately the same load carrying capacity with also horizontal stirrups, which used against shear failure. Application of glass fiber assists the progress of the fabrication of the

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