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This study will examine the effect of relational aggression on anxiety and general well-being of adolescents. Less research has been done on these variables. Relational aggression affects the general well-being of a person and leads him to anxiety. Relational aggression effects the normal functioning of a person. Relational Aggression Aggression can be defined as an act that injures or agitates another individual. There are several forms of aggression: relational aggression (e.g. spreading rumors and social isolation), verbal aggression (e.g. arguing and name-calling), and physical aggression (e.g. physical attacks). Also, aggression is typically categorized as hostile or instrumental and can be perpetrated either overtly or covertly. Bushman…show more content…
Relational aggression can be further explained through the roles in a social group or clique; relational aggression is often perpetrated in close associations/friendships. It is important to understand that overt and relational aggression can influence and sustain the different roles in social groups. Some adolescents may choose specific relationally aggressive behavior based on their roles. Some of these behaviors can be carried out via the internet or text as a means of humiliation. Recently, this form of aggression was described as the underlying factor for recent suicides of some adolescents. Relational aggression can be direct or indirect. Direct Relational aggression behaviors defined as the use of confrontational strategies to damage social relationships, include deliberately ignoring someone, threatening to withdraw friendship or support, and excluding someone from a group by telling him or her that he or she is not welcome (Xie, Swift, Cairns & Cairns, 2002). Indirect behaviors are behaviors that attempt to damage someone’s relationships but do not involve direct interaction with that person. Such behaviors include gossiping, starting rumors, and stealing friends or romantic partners (Crothers, Field, & Kolbert,

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