Essay On Relationship Between Animals And Humans

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The relationship between animals and humans is timeless, for as long as humans have been around, Animals have also been around and although the first domesticated animal was the dog many animals have been domesticated since then and for a variety of purposes such as transport, companionship and agriculture. This essay seeks to explore the beneficial effects of human-animal relationship of household pets and humans by reflecting upon my past experiences of owning, taking care of and losing a pet, weighing in on the positive aspects of this experience such as how animals can benefit the mental state of humans and alleviate loneliness and in the contrary the negative aspects of owning animals such as cost, commitment and potential risk factors. While taking into consideration of what cultural and societal influences as well as how my socio-demographic characteristics affected the perception of this relationship by myself and others. It is shown that social and emotional support may be supplemented from animals in place of support from other humans. Anthropomorphic thought is very common in pet owners and even non pet owners, it is described as the attribution of humanization to non-humans this includes other animals, the environment, objects and even events. During my childhood I had always dreamed of owning a pet dog and…show more content…
Yet, despite any potential drawbacks many households have animal companions as ‘a member of the family’. Reasons for this may be that keeping pets in a family encourages responsibility in children and helps to counteract loneliness in people of all ages and overall when it comes to owning a pet typically the positives far outweigh the
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