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Poverty can be defined as a lack of resources. This may be material resources (food, clothing, housing, or the money to get them), but also intangible resources (education, respect, for example). Although it is not easy to measure the number of poor people there are in the world. There are two “kind of poverty” absolute poverty and relative poverty.
The first way to measure poverty, the absolute one, is to measure the income poverty; it shows the lack of money to meet the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). It only requires defining a poverty threshold: below, you are poor, above, you are not. But things are not that simple. Relative poverty is actually not just monetary: the feeling of poverty also comes from an exclusion from the standard lifestyle.

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Whether religious or not, it will seek to give meaning to his life in order to feel useful in this world by helping neighbor or participating in the welfare of his community. So he goes to work in order to leave a legacy to their offspring and a name that will exist after his death. Ethics of responsibility is also the positive ethics of the person relative to his community. This variant of the ethical analysis of how the responsible individual manages its rights and above all its obligations to its community but also screw itself. The individual responsible has the distinction of being free or not to help his neighbor. It is a choice made by his "ego", his being or his inner conviction that grow to act in a particular way. In addition, the individual has in him the ability to self-force and act so responsible to respect for others and for himself. Indeed, it can accept "displeasure" without expecting nothing in return, or at least without waiting for material compensation. Human being in him feelings innate and common to all, which vary in intensity according to capacity the individual to develop for good or for evil. These feelings may be love, sympathy, morals,

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