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Each person is born and raised in a particular country, culture and social setting. People grow up learning and fitting into the traditions and norms of that society. Communities and societies are diverse and different in so many ways. For instance, their economic practices, social lives, religion and government systems, beliefs and values, as well as attitudes towards other cultures. There are distinctions among people that can never go unnoticed. Religion has been the most salient factor that makes this distinction evidently clear in so many nations and societies. People are diverse in so many ways. This diversity has either led to cohesion in other countries while in some it has been the cause of social strife and differences that have led…show more content…
It is evident from this text that as campaigns are being made on ethnicity and its negative impact there is a force that should be recognized and if efforts not made to address this it shall cause major problems in the future. This is because people are known to guard their religion and even go an extra mile to die for it. When a person is firmly rooted in their religion, it is difficult to convince them otherwise. The author states that the primary factor driving civilization is religion. Civilization will make communities powerful, and this will influence some competition for power and economic status but along religious lines. Due to the advancements in technology the world is becoming a global village (Posner, 2004). As this is happening a lot more will be experienced. Technological advancements and increasing developments bring people together from different continents and countries. However, much civilization may be of importance it may make some communities to clash and not relate well with some nations. Western civilization has been blamed for eroding some cultural practices that people practiced and felt a sense of belonging. Due to such occurrences religion has taken the place of the traditions that got swept away by this strong wave of civilization (Huntington,

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