Essay On Religion In Aeneid And The Song Of Roland

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There are clear changes in the impressions for ethics within the context of religion between the Roman period and the Medieval period when comparing the two texts Aeneid written by Virgil and The Song of Roland translated by Glyn Burgess. In the Aeneid, book four’s narrative focuses on Aeneas’s time at Carthage with queen Dido while the Song of Roland follows Roland as a member of the Crusade to fight against the pagans. Both stories are written as an Epic, a propaganda piece, and used religion to play an important role for both protagonists. The type of role that the protagonists play within their story can tell a lot about the authors’ motivation for their story. In the Aeneid, Aeneas is destine to go to Italy as stated by the gods after fleeing from the fall of Troy. Even though he fell in love with queen Dido, consequently his fate was not with her and he listened to the gods…show more content…
For context, The Aeneid was created at a time when
- Aenied: an obligation to the religion and to one’s nation, sailing back to Italy to fight the Trojans
- Song of Roland: focuses primarily on Christianity as it was based on the crusade which was about the fight against the pagans or people with different religions. How gods are presented within the texts and their roles within the story draws a further line in the changes of ethics between the two time periods. Since the Aeneid took place at a time where Greek had as Paganism the official religion for the general population, as a result the story included Greek gods. Jupiter, Mercury, Juno, and Venus; shows them a human manner like meddling in the love affairs of Aeneas and Dido. Juno tried to use their love as a way of preventing Aeneas from coming to Troy however, Jupiter committed a divine intervention stopped commanded Aeneas to go to
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