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Religion in Nepal Religion in Nepal is a secular and religious harmony amidst Hindu (81.3%), Buddhist (9%), Muslim (4.4%), Kirat (3.0%), and Christianity (1.4) with Sheikh and Bon. It is a belief system related to god and goddess. Devotees spend daily times to a shrine with worship for satisfaction. The ultimate goal is liberation. Katmandu is said a city of the temple. An ancient cave, shrine, lake and Holy Rivers are in Nepal. Religion in Nepal is interesting. An activity will be in the morning at a home, temple, monastery, and church by devotees. Playing music, worshiping, ringing the bells, circumambulation of the shrine, invocation, and counting beads with difference dresses are unique. Social works are next thing to earn it such as constructing water spouts, temple, and pilgrim house. Kirati people believe in nature. There are found innumerable festivals and fairs in Nepal. Drinks are culturally accepted within a religion. Guest is respected like a God. Rebirth, incarnation, and liberations are the imagination of devotees. Religion in Nepal is curious. Once, the Sati System as you know wife must die on a pyre with her dead husband until 1920. The belief is governed by their holy books, custom, and epic. People are involved with a ceremony from…show more content…
Tripitaka is a constitution and a holy textbook that has written in Sanskrit and Pali language. Sutrapitak (discourse), Vinaya Pitaka (rules) and Abhidharma Pitaka (psychology) are included in it. Teachings of Buddha are collected in a 108 volumes. Triple Gem is the base of Buddhism, such as the Buddha (the guide), Dharma (8 fold noble paths) and Sangha (community of monks and nun or

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