Fundamentalism: A Crime Of Terrorism

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There are some things that sometimes make the implementation of democracy in a country can not be run with good. Like I often to see, not infrequently, some citizens abusing the interests of democracy for their own interests, such as being too free and do not obey the rules because they do not run a democracy well and do not pay attention to the limits in democracy. Then, in this era there arose a notion which then supports the operations of a democracy to be very constrained. Fundamentalism that was originally at designated for religious circles is then developed into an understanding that opposes the existence of many religions in the world. This can be very influential on democracy in a country. Fundamentalism itself has a very strong influence…show more content…
Examples of forms of understanding themselves as terrorism that always has related with fundamentalism. I will take an example, as a crime of terrorism committed by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is one of the radical movement that emerged in the Arabian Peninsula which then spread to Afghanistan, Iraq, and then to Yemen with its main propagandist, Osama bin Laden. This radical movement has been running quite long time.They tend to take advantage of the ongoing conflict. Al-Qaeda wants the country they built themselves, which is an Islamic state with a mission to destroy the United States along with their religion and become involved in the rejection to the western culture which according to them is something that deviates from their religion, Islam. But, in running these plans, I saw a group of Al-Qaeda uses the wrong way, that is by always using violence in carrying out the action to get what they want with the intolerance that is not rarely seen in its movement. Actually intolerance can not be woken up by itself, but the form of the human conscious attitude of intolerance became increasingly strong and in certain conditions formulate into fundamentalism when finding other supporting factors. This is what makes this movement categorized into international terrorist movement by the United States and even by the United Nations (UN). One of the major events that have occurred in America is the destruction of the World…show more content…
This has become a very serious problem for the survival of the Muslims in the United States. In addition, sometimes the Muslims living in the United States should not getting treatment they receive. Can be seen here how the influence of a fundamentalist understanding that later could threaten the survival of many people who do not guilty . Frequently it also could lead to psychological disorders due to circumstances which continually unchanged. From these events, the Muslims can not really use the democratic rights well as in each case they feel very constrained by people who think that Muslims are dangerous. Arguably, they are victims of political interests that should not involve them in it. Because, with this fundamentalism appearing, will possibly lead to conflicts which could then lead to war and casualties that are innocent. Supposedly, this is not the case. However, in the course of a democracy, it would appear the dilemmas that make the running of democracy itself becomes obstructed. For example, the government insisted to prohibit and eliminate the presence of fundamentalist movements themselves, this can be interpreted has closed the chance of a group to express its wishes. On the other hand, if the concerned groups using violence and not be prevented or stopped, it would also make civilians feel disturbed and democratic rights

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