Essay On Religious Literacy

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Religious Literacy is the knowledge one gains from first hand exposure to cultural and religious experiences. My cultural literacy is embedded in my catholic school education and the strong religious influence of my family. My uncle is a Jesuit priest who has said mass for my family as far back as I can remember. When I was a young child, my uncle used to have the kids, myself included, read the testaments at these masses. We were exposed to the literacy of the bible early on in our lives and the understanding of many cultures come along with the values of the church. These values include, but are not limited to: kindness, prayer, forgiveness, and strength. My mom grew up in a family with 9 children, whom all went to church every Sunday without…show more content…
I now have a strong respect for the time I have to get my work done. Time management is often hard to grasp however, I have learned how to set goals for myself to stay on track. I often get frustrated when I mix-up of certain letters and I still have to re-read most texts or articles to grasp the concepts, but I am lucky that with the help I gained at St. John I was able to mostly outgrow the issue. Getting into the University of California Davis or any other UC seemed as if an unattainable dream, but my hard work throughout high school to get good grades and improve my test scores, culminated to an end up at a high level academic University. I believe this literacy I gained is functional due to the education system I grew up in. Having a strong academic literacy has shaped me as a student and a person. The way I learned has strayed from the typical student yet, specific to my individual needs taking a slow approach to critical thinking has proven successful. I have gained writing, revision, and study habits that tailor to my specific English based
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