Essay On Religious Polarization

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Religiously polarizing is the act of finding the disagreements in religious beliefs and on that basis separate ourselves from those of differing beliefs. It is the idea of moving to opposite ends of a spectrum. People are religiously polarizing especially between secularism and individual spirituality. For example Religious humanists claim to be associated with an Ethical Culture Society, a Society for Humanistic Judaism or a Unitarian Universalist Church. They are note "nones". Although, a lot of secular humanists and other types of non believers or individual spiritualists like, atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers knowingly avoid calling themselves religious or claim a religious association even if they may consider themselves to be a part of a "morally intense community" of non-theists. There is no clear reason as to why people choose to be "non believers" some do because some traumatic event happened and they wonder if there is some sort of God then why did he let this bad thing happen to them. Some are one of those people that have to believe it to see it. There is no clear explanation to this, but those may be some reasons as to why.
People are religiously polarizing between Christianity and Islam because one is seen as good and the other is see as bad. Each one thinks their 's is good and the other 's is bad. They
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It will all come down mostly how our future political leaders represent religious freedom. Americans who support religious freedom and the pillars of the church-state separation and free exercise of religion that uphold religious liberty are inherited of principle by our founders in the constitution and the bill of Right. These principles become more important to our strenght of our communities as we become a more diverse and more pluralistic
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