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Human migration has been linked to religion from the earliest times from the past, religious tourism is widely considered as one of the oldest forms of travel. In nowadays society, there are more sacred sites are being discovered by people since the knowledge about our world is increasing. It seems that travel to the sacred places was an inherent aspect of all cultures since 30,000 years ago. What is religious tourism? Religious tourism can be said as one type of tourism where people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage, missionary or leisure purposes. The world’s largest form of mass religious tourism occurs in Mecca, Saudi Arabia at the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Now, modern religious tourists are more likely go to visit holy sites…show more content…
The search for meaning leads them to travel to the sacred sites and take part in rituals at those sites. According to Collins-Kreiner and Gatrell, ‘it is impossible to understand the development of… tourism without studying religion and understanding the pilgrimage phenomenon’ of bygone eras. Until today, there is a growing in the religious tourism and now it even represents a significant sector of the international tourism market, a continued increase in this market segment is a foreseeable trend in the future as well, but it seems like religious tourism is one of the most understudied areas in the tourism research, this is quite surprisingly because religion has played a key role in the development of leisure over the centuries and influenced most of the people how to utilize their free time, people mostly will spend their time going to mosque, church or temple, especially the one who looks the religion as one of the most important aspects of their life. Traditional pilgrimage has remained a widespread form of travel. It is estimated that 240 million people go on pilgrimages annually (Olsen and Timothy,

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