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Remedial classes stands for classes that are meant to improve the proficiency of the student in particular stream. The English remedial classes occurs on the widespread in Malaysia with a view to help the low scorer students who get only Band 1 and Band 2 to get admission in the remedial classes so as to improve their capability in the English language (Musa & Lie, 2012).
The various remedial classes for English language are taken by universities in Malaysia after the test taken by MUET. The test decides the proficiency level of the students and gives them chance to improve their capability in English language (Long, 2011).
The importance of English remedial classes includes improving the proficiency
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The proficiency in English language helps the student to earn better grades and select the subject of their choice. The ESL classrooms are also available to the students in case they score less. These classrooms provide an enhanced and personal attention in developing English language learning (Foo & Richards, 2004).
The professional preparation of the English teachers in Malaysia is required for the purpose of right education delivery. These English teachers should not only be capable of English language but should have ability in mathematics and science teaching in English. This way there needs to be a multidisciplinary approach towards the selection of an English teacher. Mere knowledge of English language cannot help in proper disposal of educational requirements of English language to students. Therefore the need assessment for the English Language teacher is also required (Idris et al., 2007).
Finally Need Analysis helps in identifying specific needs of the students. This way ESL classroom are specially designed with such course structure so that the particular needs of the students in learning English language can be fulfilled. Thereby with a motive to help the students learn better and achieve higher carrier prospects in
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