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Remember the Titans Film Review Remember the Titans is a classic movie based on a true story based in 1971 Alexandria, Virginia; about the struggles this newly integrated high school football team endure. This movie portrays many leadership themes throughout the movie; authentic, situational, and path-goal. (AUTHENTIC) One player who quickly emerges as a leader is Gerry Bertier; standing out for his personality and traits. He is team captain, passionate about everything he does and wants the best for not only the team as a whole but also the players as individuals. Throughout the film, his passion and love for the game are very noticeable, as well as his love for his teammates and coaches. He led by example, emphasising on the unity of the team;…show more content…
A leader is defined as an individual who influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. In the case of this story, their goal was not just to win football games but to bring a community together. It emphasizes how important community is, and how the community affects the culture surrounding it. Sometimes the culture has to change before the community can, which can only happen when a leader steps up and takes control of the situation. The Titans taught their city how to trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him. Coach Boone stresses the idea of respect; he doesn’t care if his players don’t like each other but he expects them to respect each other and maybe, they will learn how to play the game of football like men. As a leader, I have to be aware of my surroundings and the individuals around me that I could possibly be influencing by my actions but also by my character. The goal of a team is being able to say you are giving something that is bigger than yourself, one hundred percent effort, including your resources. A team is so much more than just one person, without fellow teammates a leader cannot
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