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Remote sensing is the non-contact recording of information from the ultraviolet, visible infrared, and microwave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum by mean of instruments such as cameras, scanners, lasers, linear arrays and arrays located on platforms such as aircraft or spacecraft, and the analysis of acquired information by mean of visual and digital image processing. In a simple sense, remote sensing is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from a distance, usually from aircraft or satellites and it is focused on energy that is reflected, emitted, or scattered by the Earth and its atmosphere from various portions (“wavelengths”) of the electromagnetic spectrum. These gadgets have a greatly improved ability to receive and record information about an object without any physical contact. Often, these sensors are positioned away from the object of interest by using helicopters, planes, and satellites. Most sensing devices record
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The vehicle, which carries a sensor, i.e. satellite, aircraft, balloon are known as platform and Device that receives electromagnetic radiation and converts it into a signal that can be recorded and displayed as either numerical data or an image are known as sensors. Passive and active are the two kinds of remote sensing. Remote sensing of energy naturally reflected or radiated from the terrain is known as passive remote sensing. The most common source of radiation detected by passive sensors is reflected sunlight and it, which includes panchromatic, multispectral and hyper spectral imaging. In addition, active remote sensing is the kind of technique that provides their own source of electromagnetic radiation to illuminate the terrain, which includes RADAR imaging; For example, a laser-beam remote sensing system projects a laser onto the surface of Earth and measures the time that it takes for the laser to reflect back to its

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