Essay On Renaissance And Reformation

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Renaissance and Reformation Essay By Aman In the Renaissance, humanists questioned old ideas, which lead to cChanges in Europe. This lead to advances in all kinds of areas thing, like mathematics, literature, art, science, and politics. It even made advances to new inventions. However,But doing all of this caused a lot of trouble to the Christian church. One of the advances are sScience. This was made through experimentation and observation, when people started questioning old ideas. Renaissance thinkers were starting to test theories to see if they were true. One of the most creative thinkers was Leonardo Da Vinci. He was skilled at engineering, science, art, and was an inventor. He was called a true Renaissance man. Leonardo was curious about all aspects of the world. He wouldn’t believe anything until he…show more content…
Art styles were being influenced by humanism and a renewed interest in classical culture, painters and sculptors made many advances. One of the ways they improved it was by advances in science and mathematics. A mathematician name Masaccio, used geometry to divide space in the painting to make it more lifelike. Some artists studied anatomy, they observed how people move to make it more lifelike. Renaissance science also gave painters new materials like oil-based paints. One of the most famous artists was Albrecht Dürer. He used perspective idealized beauty he learned from Italian painters.Much of Dürer's art shows religious figures. He painted mythical object and creatures. Dürer's work is widely admired, particularly his beautiful engravings and woodcuts. An Italian sculptor by the name of Donatello, was the first sculptor to use the lifelike style.his works expressed personality and example is his life size statue David. Another sculptor is michelangelo. He is known for painting and sculpture. He made his own version of David. It was carved in white marble, standing 17 feet
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