Essay On Renaissance Women

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Have you ever wondered why you were born when you were born? How much different life would be if you were born in a different time? How it would be similar? Humans have changed tremendously throughout time, particularly women. Although gender inequality is still an issue today, women have gained so many rights throughout the years. Since the Renaissance, a time period between 1300-1500 AD, women have made a lot of major achievements regarding education, jobs they can get, marriage rights and so much more. A women in the Renaissance lived to please her husband. Every decision she needed to make was influenced by the men in her life, whether that was her husband, father, brother, or uncle. She couldn't choose who she wanted to marry, and wasn't…show more content…
Every decision a woman of today could make competently, was made by the husband or father. In the book Exploring the Middle Ages, author Marshall Tarrytown emphasizes that "Generally speaking, in medieval times, a women's status in society depended on that of her husband" (Exploring 795). In the Renaissance, women were used as objects to represent her family and husband. They were usually unable to get jobs outside of their home, and their time was spent keeping the house. She depended on her husband's job to support the family financially. However, this varied depending on the family's social class. Poor women usually had more rights than rich women, regarding jobs. They ran the house, but also occasionally helped her husband with his work. A woman living in the county was responsible for maintaining a vegetable garden and keeping animals healthy. In busy times, they could help work on the fields and sell produce at a market in town. Women living in towns could help in family shops, and few worked as bakers. Wives of wealthy men were in charge of running the house and supervising servants. The lack of rights regarding women's jobs could be because of the absence of education provided to Renaissance girls. In the book Women of the Renaissance, author Theresa Huntley explains that "Few young girls attended elementary school. Girls did not advance far in the education system, and they were not allowed to
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