Renewable Energy In Russia

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First time when the renewable energy was mentioned is 790.000 years ago this is the time when people started to use the fire to get warm, dry themselves and cook food. The next renewable technology came 7000 years ago it was a wind power, it was used to drive the ships over the water. And with inventing alternative sources of energy such as oil and coal use the renewable sources started to disappear. It continued until the oil peak. This is when people started to think that we really have to get back to renewable energy. So I questioned myself how is my country is dealing with the problem of renewable energy resources. Today 68% of energy in Russia is thermal or non-renewable, meaning that the sources of energy is oil, coal and gas. So I took…show more content…
This is a massive damb near the city of Krasnoyarsk. It works and generates energy because of the movement of water. Water moves from reservoir into the penstock than it spins the blades of generator that fires pulls the generator up creating the energy. Hydropower accounts for about 15-21% of Russia's total electric power production. Russia now has 102 hydropower plants in operation, Russia's RusHydro is the second-largest hydroelectric power producer in the world. Although in most of the parts of Russia it is impossible to use the hydro plant energy because there are not enough…show more content…
The last two types are almost identical with each other, except for the shape of the blades. They have the main rotating shaft which is vertical. At propeller shaft is horizontal, the blades are similar to Jets screws. It is the type of plants that you see most of the time because they operate with the best efficiency.Propeller wind engines are more economical, can "squeeze out" of the wind power more use than others. Screws receiving wind power, mounted on a horizontal head, and is located in the generator. There is one very important nuance in the operation of windmill - their stable location towards the wind. The wind is constantly changing its direction and strength, resulting in leaps and bounds, and that is the time when the generator is running. To eliminate unevenness applied voltage stabiliser that keeps the output voltage within the normal range, which do not depend on the whims of the wind. Another innovation which we are going to face soon is that the windmill are going to be able to move with the direction of the

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