Essay On Repressed Memory

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Repressed memory is defined as a memory that was or is actively repressed by a human’s brain to protect them from a psychologically devastating impact of that memory (such as child abuse, rape, molestation, and more). It is interesting that our mind has the ability to disassociate just to shelter us from our psychological harm. Even though some people believe repressed memories should stay hidden because it would only hurt the person that it belongs to, I think it is better to have the memory and deal with it, and not having a piece of your life missing. A situation I can think of comparing this to would be another incident of memory failure. Think about the times you have had to take an exam (Perhaps a midterm) and your mind suddenly goes blank. You cannot remember anything about the subject, other than a hazy, just out of reach, frustratingly untouchable murmur of an…show more content…
Each of the authors is of a psychological background in education, and their credentials are a positive sign in this topic. They considered that age could be a definitive factor in whether or not a person remembers their abuse, and stated that in a study it was found that people abused in ages 3-5 likely would not recall it at a later date. In the second article, “Repressed Memories: True and False”, there was another authority on the subject, author Andrew D. Reisner. Reisner’s view was that recovered memories could be accurate. Though, he also states that the theory that repressed memories themselves may not actually exist is extreme and unjustified. He says that while he believes memories can be repressed and recalled, there is a risk of false
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