Male Vs Female Reproductive System Essay

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Of all the systems of the body, the reproductive system is somewhat sui generis. In contrast to others, the reproductive system appears to be "sleeping" until puberty without significant involvement in vital body processes. When "wake up" after after more than a decade old, produces substantial changes in body anatomy and sentimental individual behavior. The primary sexual organs or gonads are the ovaries in females and testes in males, and these organs produce sex cells gametes. They also secrete sex hormones. In addition to the primary reproductive organs exists a set of ducts, glands, external genitalia and generally known as accessory reproductive organs. Although the reproductive system between females and males differs substantially the purpose of both is the generation of offspring. The male role in reproduction is the…show more content…
Accessory canals counted from the proximity to the ovaries to the departure abroad are: 1. Uterine tompas: also called fallopian tubes or oviducts are conduits extending from the ovaries to the uterus, and is the region where egg fertilization occurs. 2. The uterus: It is located in the pelvis, anterior to the rectum and posterior to the urinary bladder. It is a hollow organ with thick walls whose function is to receive, retain and nurture the fertilized egg. 3. The vagina is a tube of thin walls of about 8-10 cm in length and is the female organ of copulation being the recipient of the penis and semen. It is located between the bladder and rectum and extends from the cervix to the outside. 4. The external genitalia: reproductive organs are located abroad and the set of structures that are also called opudendum vulva. Other organs that can be considered as part of the female reproductive system are the breast or mammary glands, although their role becomes important after the birth of the baby to feed during the early stages of

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