Essay On Reservation System

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The reservation system is borne from the age-old caste system of India. The caste system originally meant to divide the people on the basis of their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), kingship and war (Kshatriya) and lastly business (vaish) etc. but soon it became the means to divide the society into various sects e.g. Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST & OBCs with newer reservations coming up for the other different sections of the society like Christians, Kashmiris, Jats, Kashmiri Pandits, Tribals etc.

Effects of reservation system on caste:

Rather than acting as a harmony stimulator reservation system acted as an antithesis of communal living. It only divided the society leading to discrimination between various sects. As per the government
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The kind of reservation policy that our government currently follows does nothing but divide the society into different sections.

Instead of introducing reservations for these backward classes what is required is to bring about revolutionary changes in our education system at the grass-root level. When proper education is not provided to children belonging to such categories during the primary stage itself then on what basis are the reservations provided at a subsequent stage.

The constitution lays down that every child has a right to education and no where expresses that any child belonging to a backward class has a little more of this right than the general category. By reserving one category against another creates a feeling of division, which is now resulting in chaos with every small section of the society asking for it. Reservations on the basis of caste and not on the basis of condition are bad and unacceptable. Fair and just reservations to uplift the people with poor conditions of life, those who don’t have meals to eat, clothes to wear and no home to live in. The process of reservation should be such that it filters the truly economically deprived individuals and bring them all to
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