Examples Of Resistance During The Holocaust Essay

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Fighting in the Holocaust?

In 1939, world war two began when adolf Hitler and the Nazi party invaded poland, causing six million jewish people to fear for their lives this fear began when citizens had to complete a census and carry in identification card. Second, the Jews had to wear the star of david and they were forced into the Ghettos, third they were taken to the concentration and death camps.”The diary of Anne Frank”,”violins of hope,”Resistance during the Holocaust” we see different ways of actively and passively resisting Nazi atrocity. People can best respond to conflict by passively resisting because it the best way to fight in the long way and reach the long term goal of not letting Hitler reach his goal, one of the most active ways of fighting without using violent, and one of the best ways to preserve culture.

First, passively resisting is beneficial because for the long term goal of defeating Hitler or goal this is the best way to fight back. When people were active so many
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When people were active so many lives were lost. In the text, “Resistance During the Holocaust,” it states that “However, the risk of resisting Nazi policies were grave; often an act of resistance by one person would mean the death of many others” (paragraph 5). If all Jews would have fought who knows where we could be today. Maybe they would have won their fight but many more lives would have been lost, but maybe no one would even know they fought. However, some may say that writing and keeping records may have never seen the light of day. If we didn’t have written records then it would make it harder for them to believe and understand what these people had to go through. Hitler's ultimate goal was to get rid of all jews, as you can see he didn't reach his goal.And a big part of that is because of passively active
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