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Resistance to Change Introduction I would like to believe that everyone is inclined to resist change and we all have varying degrees of resistance. Individual change resistance is the refusal of a social agent (a single person, organization, corporation, etc.) to fully support or adopt a new behavior. In this case, the Resistance To Change (RTC) measurement tool was used to measure the personal level of resistance to change based on four measurement criteria listed herein. Change is not only a constant companion; it is also an uncomfortable, even threatening, prospect to many people (Nguyen, 2010). Overall, my inclination towards change is to avoid or resist it. The routine seeking category I scored a 4.20 compared to the average of 2.89.…show more content…
My current boss is retiring at the end of the year but her last day in the office was December 15th. We have known since October of this year that she was going to retire. I have had my current boss for about 5 years and although she was not the best boss I have ever had by a long shot I knew what to expect. Some of the reasons I felt resistant to the change. According to HR management article state that, “The reasons of employee for resistance to change was a lack of trust in leadership, fear of the unknown, and poor communication” (2016). They announced on December 11th that our new boss was going to be a man that I have been working with on a project since March of this year so a lot of my anxiety went to the wayside. Since I had previous exposure to this leader and knew some of his personality and leadership style some of my anxiety and resistance to change that I normally would have had to a new boss was not as strong. He started his new position this past Monday, December 18th, and we had our first leadership meeting and it went very well. During the meeting he listened to all the leaders and provided us guidance on appropriate topics. After the first meeting he reached out and asked for feedback on how the meeting went. Nguyen states that, “This opened up the lines of communication, built a level of trust, and engaged us in the
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