Short Essay On Self-Respect For Other People

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RESPECT FOR OTHERS This is a basic requirement for nurturing friendship, team work, and for the synergy it promotes and sustains. Respect for others is based on self-respect. It really is following the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Being a polite and courteous person makes one a rare individual in today's world. Politeness and a genuine concern for the rights and feelings of others in our society seem to have slammed the door in our faces. Whether in your personal relationships with others, or in your company, being polite and well mannered is required in all aspects. In your personal life, remembering special days, holding doors, and displaying good manners in general shows respect for the other person. That respect will almost always be reciprocated by the other…show more content…
Respect others’ ideas (decisions), words, and labor (actions). One need not accept or approve or award them, but shall listen to them first. One can correct or warn, if they commit mistakes. Appreciate colleagues and subordinates on their positive actions. Criticize constructively and encourage them. They are bound to improve their performance, by learning properly and by putting more efforts. 3. Show ‘goodwill’ on others. Love others. Allow others to grow. Basically, the goodwill reflects on the originator and multiplies itself on everybody. This will facilitate co linearity, focus, coherence, and strength to achieve the goals. 3.7.1 SELF-RESPECT Self-respect is a moral concept of properly valuing oneself but self-esteem is a psychological concept of positive attitude towards oneself. Self-respect is valuing oneself in morally appropriate ways. Self-respect takes two forms. 1. Recognition self-respect is properly valuing oneself because of one’s inherent moral worth, the same worth that every other human being has. 2. Appraisal self-respect is properly valuing ourselves according to how well we meet moral standards and our personal ideals. 3.8 PEACEFUL

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