Process Essay: How To Work With A Younger Boss

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How to Work with a Younger Boss With age and experience comes authority. It also provides power to co-ordinate and control the younger workers. These days the power equations have changed. Power is mainly in the hands of less experienced but newly minted management graduates fresh from ivy league schools. Bosses in many firms today are people who have a considerable amount of experience in the corporate world. Gone are the days when boss meant, a senior aged person grunting at his juniors for getting the work completed. The start-up trend also has ushered in the age of younger people leading the older ones. Such a trend is bound to kick in clashes and differences in opinions among the leader and the people he leads. The folks in the company…show more content…
There are chances he/she could accept any of your presented ideas of they are really very good. Learn to respect your boss: In this context, albeit the boss being a person having very little experience of handling people needs to be treated with reasonable, if not utmost respect. It is a give and take relationship where your vast experience aides him in his work and his new ideas impart a fresh outlook to the work. Being able to respect the boss despite a generational difference in your ages is a matter of pride. Respecting his ideas and authority also helps him to function smoothly as a boss. Learn to let go Seniority and holding a superior position for years together entitles a sense of belonging in any senior employee. The dedication and their drive for perfection makes them tolerate nothing but work done to perfection. They want nothing but work which is flawless and is completed on time. On the other hand, bosses belonging to Gen-Y are 30 somethings and extremely aggressive, fiercely ambitious and even prone to mistakes. That said, they also have different immediate goals and priorities to be focused

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